Mathieu & Florzinho

Members: Mathieu aka Mathias Schober & Florzinho aka Florian Grummes
Genres: Lounge / Chill Out / Dub / Latin / Reggae / Spiritual / New Age
Label: Show-B Entertainment & Cyron Music & Art Productions
Management: Mathias Schober & Florian Grummes

Mathieu & Florzinho are the two oldschool DJs & Producers also known as Show-B & Cyron. They started working together in 2006. They appeared on many successful compilations like BuddhaBar, Ministry Of Sound,  Klassik Lounge, Spacenight, Hotel East etc…

Know Thyself is their first album. The record comes along with a vast and dazzling variety of very spiritual chillout & dub lounge tracks featuring influences and different artists from all over the world. Every song contains a strong and positive message for a better world and higher consciousness.


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